Saturday, 3 December 2016

Lick your mouth and clean your face

Ahhhhhh Saturday morning. Nice lie-in, no lunches to be made, slow breakfast, bit of TV with the kids and two football matches to watch. I sat upstairs in the South Stand Upper and watched Leicester City lose to Sunderland and the rest watched Stoke City in the Spion Cop beat Burnley. We didn't get to see the full games because we had to take Smallest to his football game.

Small stayed at home, practiced piano, didn't empty the dishwasher and played on his tablet. We made him play his two piano pieces to check he had practiced. It is sounding better but still needs a lot of work. Only 8 days left till the Recital.

The football game today was against the same team we beat at the end of the Summer Season (without the fast little boy who's mum wanted to move him to another team). Smallest's team won 6-0 and played very well despite a bad, slow start. Hat trick for luc, one for littleFrank and one for dan. Excellent. I got to feed Angels baby baby too before the game started. She is so cute.

We came home, listened to Small play piano while Smallest had his shower (his legs are looking much better due to him not wearing his shin pads before the game and after) and then we went out for a late dinner. We took Sorry Revenge with us and played several games.

On the way home we popped to a supermarket and got some essentials for the weekend. As we were leaving a woman parked right next to Huffle. He hates it when that happens especially when the car park has so many other spaces available. Huffle sighed and pulled a face and Smallest said "you dozy cow". We were shocked but he has obviously heard us say it. We all laughed but told him he shouldn't say that as it wasn't really appropriate from his mouth. Though he was correct. She walked away and left her lights on.

Back home we watched the beginning of ELF (well it IS December now) and then XFactor (I'm not sure we finished it) and then we watched I'm a Celebrity. Excellent - we love the cyclone.

Smallest went to bed very tired. Small, Huffle and I started Oceans Eleven and checked to see if it was appropriate for his age before we started. The parents guide said it had 2 F words, 7 Sh1ts and plenty of goddamns. Plus some strippers. Well that's okay then. Small started counting the Sh1ts and so far I think we heard two, plus an F.

Huffle's eye is still twitching, he thinks it is stress related. His new job is stressful but enjoyable. He has gone back onto caffeine and sleeping less (just kidding). I have a sore throat which I am expecting to turn into a cold as I can't stop sneezing.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Touch my fridge

More silly dreams, this time some of my UK friends singing in a choir in the CN Tower in Toronto. And they didn't tell me and they didn't know I would be there. They were good too!

After the kids went to school and Huffle worked with the Mice (another one caught), I went off to knitting and went on a mini road trip with the Friday Ladies. Two cars and six people and then we met up with two others when we got there. Unfortunately Suffolk couldn't make it due to a Migraine. Shame.

We started in a wool shop that had a fire and sofas and lots and lots of wool. We were all inspired to make a Knit-a-long blanket that had six different panels and was edged in between and framed by a cable. It was lovely. shooKeeperEl is going to search out the pattern for us and issue us with a new one pattern each month. We are starting it next year. I bought some wool and a new needle for another blanket I am making. We had a cup of coffee and a Christmas chocolate and then went across the road to a restaurant for lunch.

Love this. Need to learn this stitch.
I like the way this sock is ribbed all the way down to the heel.

It was only a small place and we had to wait AGES for a table big enough for eight people but we were very patient and had plenty to chat about while we waited, plus there was a huge counter of Butter Tarts that we stared at. I had a Tuna Melt on an English Muffin with a salad and a butter tart. YUM YUM!

We didn't leave until 2ish and by the time I got home it was nearly 3pm. I had a cup of tea with Huffle who had been painting again and was busy with his new job.

When the boys came home they did some piano practice and went and watched yesterday's I'm a Celebrity, did a bit more piano and a chore while I made dinner.

After dinner, Smallest and Huffle played FIFA on the Wii, Small played on his tablet and I crocheted. I am trying to recreate a lovely Owl Basket we saw today on our travels. I am going to teach a couple of the ladies how to crochet.

Yes, Martin is finally out of the Jungle and I don't need to watch him anymore.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Family of weird feet

Last night and this morning I had several really weird dreams. One of them woke me and Huffle up and I was crying though in my dream I was actually screaming out. I felt really tired when I got up because I was obviously so active all night. I could recall all of my dreams and when I told Huffle, who normally tries to interpret them for me, he just said I was nuts!

The boys went to school and Huffle worked with the mice (he caught another one). I did washing, drying and folding, changing bedding and cleaning of bathrooms properly. Who knows what Small did when he was supposed to be cleaning his bathroom yesterday. He owes me two chores now.

MrPlumber called early and said it was time for the yearly service so I didn't go out in case he came. He actually arrived at 2pm so I could have gone out but at least I got plenty of cleaning and washing done.

I wrote some cards and letters and went to the Post Office. Poor Rumbleskins family didn't get a Christmas present last year because I was too disorganised to send it and so I spent the whole of this year getting together things to send them. Unfornately I was so badly organised again this year that I had to take out any chocolate because it is now Summer there and it melts in transit. When I found out how much my package was I had to send it surface mail (boat) which could be up to two months, so it looks like I've missed another Christmas. Eeeeekkkk. I haven't written my Christmas Cards either and I'm running out of time.

I should have walked with ClownRose this afternoon too but I got stuck at the Post Office. Huffle booked us all an appointment at the Foot Place so as soon as the kids got home from school we all went. Small and I had our usual lady. Small's feet have improved but he needs to keep doing his exercises to stretch his Achilles. My Plantar fasciitis has gone (wahoo) but I'm still having my orthotics as I feel it when I don't them wear them. Smallest and Huffle had their usual man and they are both continuing with their orthotics too. Our insurance pays for them thank goodness.

We had fish and chips in a nearby cafe and got home in time for Small to get his kit on and go to football. I took him tonight. There was no coach and they just payed a game without any instruction (not that they get much anyway) or anyone to keep them in order. I think they had fun though. Small was very bossy and he got five goals (Grandad!!).

Today I have two impromptu chats which were very nice. One was with Aunt Pear and was unfortunately very brief and the other was texting with MrsRumbkeskins. Lovely.

Our first Christmas card


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Pea Soup Foggy Fish

Since I finished my job (until Spring) on a Tuesday and now no longer Garden on a Thursday and any other day I can fit it in, I seem to be struggling with organising my days. Which is silly because I have loads to do and it's because I am mostly free that I think 'ahhh I have plenty of time to fit that in' and then end up doing nothing! Ridiculous.

Smallest had swollen puffy eyes this morning and I gave him an antihistamine and eye drops though I'm not sure what has set him off unless a rabbit is living in his room. Though he is cuddling the most enormous elephant (I think his name is Bob) at the moment in bed and who knows where he has been shuffling in the dust! Huffle still has a twitching eye and also had an antihistamine in case the rabbit we haven't got is affecting him too (though he is allergic to cats so perhaps one of the mice brought a stray cat in). MICE - today we caught one in the trap and another one just died in the middle of the floor (all in the basement). Smallest found them and was worried I wouldn't like to see them but I checked the one not in the trap. Maybe he died of hunger because there is no food to find now. We were told MICE normally live in groups of seven and so far we have caught three and found one, so hopefully only three more to go. Everything is still mainly boxed in the pantry and the steel wool is still under the door.

The boys went to school, Huffle worked in the basement with his MICE friends and I went to exercise. We did a lot of work on arms today so I won't be hanging the washing out tomorrow!! I went for a walk with ExerciseNic and her dog in the rain and then came home.

I wrapped all presents that weren't from us (ie sent from family online) and then had lunch with Huffle where we watched some of First Dates whilst making a Roast Butternut Soup for dinner later.

This afternoon I finished the soup, made a bread and started filling the advent calendar with chocolate, sweets and Christmassy notes (Huffle made some of his own to add later). I got to about day8 and then ClownRose popped by to print something and we went for a walk.

She dropped off her CV (resumé) at the local daycare and I picked up a gift certificate for our post lady for Christmas, we carried on our walk and finally came home in time for the bus having had a very good chat on the way.

The boys watched I'm a Celebrity and Smallest had his soup and bread early so he could get to Football. The rest of us ate later. Small cleaned his bathroom where I found he was using my granite polisher as a flannel the silly boy, the mirror was all smeary and the sink was disgusting. Piano was practiced before Smallest and Huffle went to Football and Small and I went to the very last basketball.

On the way home the fog was soooo bad, Small and I struggled to see the road. Small was very helpful though in guiding me when he could. No cats eyes, hardly any lines and no street lights. Rubbish!!!!


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mr Canoe smells of Poo

Huffle woke up with, and has had for some days now, a twitching eye and it is starting to really annoy him. I decided to check Woogle to see if we could find a remedy without resulting to the doctors (because our doctor either sends you for blood work or diagnoses a new disease). T'internet suggested *cut out caffeine, *rehydrate, *eye drops and *more sleep. So today he had no caffeine, slept at his desk and I put eye drops in his eyes. Hopefully he can finish this day with a jolly good sleep. I too have had a twitching arm muscle for about four days but mine comes and goes and I can cope with it for now (not ready to cut out caffeine just yet).

After the boys went to school (Smallest struggled to get up this morning and asked for an alarm clock for Christmas so he can set it for 7:15 and be responsible for getting up Small and me), I meandered around the house, having breakfast, wondering what my day would become when I got a text from Suffolk saying she was on her way to Costco if I fancied joining her. So I did. We had a brief visit in the shop and then went and had a cup of tea and a banana and a nice chat until she had to go off to school for her afternoon job.

I stayed and went in a few shops, picking up a couple of Christmas presents and a pair of jeans for me and then came home for a very late lunch. I decided I was making quiche for dinner and so started my pastry, blind baked it and made a few mini mince pies with the leftovers.

ClownRose and I went for a quick walk before the bus came home carrying our little darlings and then I continued with dinner. For some reason, the egg mixture separated and the egg went underneath the pastry (I have no idea how because there were no holes that I saw) and it took ages to set. Still it was very nice and despite there being veggies in it, the boys liked it too (even though some of the vegetables appeared on the side of their plate at the end).

I took Smallest to football practice tonight wearing new shin pads to see if we can stop his terrible rashes. I am worried that because I hand washed his usual ones (they stunk) I may not have got all the washing liquid out and he could be allergic to it. We'll see what happens with these new ones.

I had an email today asking me to attend the Winter Carnival Meeting (tonight) as a representative of the Grade 8 Mums as I had been allocated the responsibility of the BBQ. Who me? The only Vegetarian? What would I know about BBQ'ing? I apologised and said they had the wrong person and then a barrage of emails arrived. Apparently, my name was put next to the BBQ for the fundraising of the Grade 8 Graduation trip when we attended a meeting a month or so ago. In actual fact I volunteered to ask the Beer Store owner for a 'basket of cheer' (Booze) to be auctioned at the Carnival and the lady that volunteered to organise the BBQ said she couldn't do it and put my name forward instead - the lazy beeeeee. I emailed everyone involved to let them know I wouldn't be doing it and sat and fumed for a while. Can't wait to see how that one turns out. Talk about last minute too!!!

Late morning Huffle realised that the uppermost drainpipes were leaking. To get to these points he had to get an extendable paint roller (12ft) without the roller itself, with a trowel taped to the end. He then leaned out of the loft window and angled the pole to scoop out the debris. I can't believe he didn't do it while I was here so I could have at least photographed it whilst laughing. Good job Huffle.


Monday, 28 November 2016

Big Baby Twinsies


Huffle went into the office today for meetings and the kids went to school. I was left all by myself and I had a really long slow breakfast and watched nearly a whole episode of My Mother and other strangers, did three loads of washing, a bit of sorting and then I finally got out to do a food shop.

For once I had no problems, no issues and everyone I saw was nice. Some people would think I was starting to get used to this place ;) although on the way home one of the cartons of Apple Juice tipped over and spilled!

Now it's nice to have the house to myself but there was no one to help me on with my shopping and no one to put it away for me BOOOOOOO. I half put the shopping away and made my lunch and tried to Skype Moo but there was no answer so I settled myself in front of the TV to watch the new series of The Gilmore Girls. Just as it was about to start, Moo called me back. We had a chat while I ate my lunch and she persuaded me to go for a run/walk.

A photo on my run

I'm glad I did and it was easier than last time, plus it wasn't too cold (7*). I started on the railway tracks but soon realised it's not a good surface for running so continued on my normal road. 35 minutes later I was walking back home where I had a lovely hot shower before I sorted all the Christmas presents out that I already have. I made a list (wow so organised so early) and packed them away again.

I finished putting the shopping away and realised something else had spilled but in the fridge, so I emptied it, cleaned it and put it all away again. Goodness there has been a lot of cleaning here lately. Talking of which, there was no mouse caught last night but also no signs of droppings either so thats good. It getting very hard to find anything in the pantry because it's all hidden in boxes.

I did lots of drying and folding and then started on dinner just as the boys came home. Smallest had a volleyball practice today and Small had tried out for the Dodgeball team. He said it was very quick and he had no idea how he did. There are more scheduled.

Small took the washing off the line for his chore but didn't fold it or sort it or check it was dry (needs more instruction) and Smallest sorted the washing from the dryer and folded it and sorted it (though some of it was still wet and the folding was 'interesting'). Definitely more instruction needed.

MrsPiano came and Smallest went first while Small did his homework. Today's homework was working on a poem of the song Redemption Song by Bob Marley. He doesn't like it, he thinks it's too slow. Smallest is doing very well on piano but needs to practice his Christmas Recital pieces for 15-20 minutes daily (Recital is in two weeks) and Small has to practice for 30 minutes daily (his is tricky).

We had dinner and today I made individual apple and strawberry crumbles from some apples I had frozen into Autumn and some crumble mix that Grandma had frozen. They were yummy after our homemade fish cakes.

Tonight Smallest went to the Hamlets Conservation Area where they did some Night Vision activities with the Cubs. He thought it was great. Huffle and I picked up a second hand blanket box from a friend who was getting rid of it and then went for a night walk leaving Small playing on his tablet. Huffle picked Smallest up from Cubs where he had been eating Moon Rock that blowed in the dark and shot sparks.

Small, Huffle and I watched I'm a Celebrity when Smallest went to bed.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Scully shops at Dunilm

Huffle woke up early and got up to watch the Stoke game (won) with the kids. I stayed in bed and rested my neck (still sore but not nearly as bad).

After breakfast we all got ready to go out to take Smallest to his party at The Laser Quest over in Richmond Hill which is about 40 minutes away. We made Small come with us as we were due to be away for over four hours. We dropped Smallest off with his present and took Angel (one of the boys Mums) off to the Mall where we wandered aimlessly round for two hours (very boring and very dull). Huffle kissed a moose, Small blowdried Huffle's hair with a Dyson hairdryer, Angel and I sat in a comfy chair in a bathroom department, we learned that a huge department store didn't do children's clothes anymore and sat and had a hot drink in the food court to waste time.

The latest craze in the Malls is to ride around on these electric animals. $60 for an hour. Some of the parents were also riding in the back with their kids!!!!!

We picked up Smallest and went for dinner at Nonnas Oven which was very nice. Smallest had alread eaten so he just had a piece of garlic bread while Huffle ate Lasange and Small and I had handmade pasta.

At home we sat and relaxed while the boys played on the computer. Huffle Skyped Grandma and Grandad and caught up on the week's news.

I might copy this for our Christmas urns

Smallest and I played table tennis and I won one game and then he beat me. Then he beat Huffle too. The little bugger!

We sat and watched I'm a Celebrity and the Xfactor results. Wow! Thank goodness Honey G has gone, what a load of rubbish and who the hell os voting for Shut up Martin. Stop giving him airtime!