Friday, 20 April 2018


A nice relaxing breakfast with the owners of the B&B today (G&G).

Moo and AuntPear arrived to take us to Bradgate this morning.  It was another glorious day with temperatures touching 22* but it felt much hotter.  AuntPear drove us and we walked from the car park to the new memorial Garden where I decided I would like a memorial leaf, but only somewhere where no one else’s leaf was, then decided I didn’t want one when everyone decided they might join me.  Honestly, I still can’t get a bit of peace and quiet, even when I’m a leaf!!!!

The deer were out lazing in the sunshine.  There were also a lot of people about.  We walked the path and I climbed a small hill and we meandered along nicely, chatting and laughing.

We visited the memorial garden, played Pooh Sticks on PoohBidge (I think I won) and had a quick tea in the cafe.

Unfortunately I had to cut our walk short as I had a hospital visit to do but it was a good walk and I saw everything I wanted to see (it made me feel quite sad as I love it there and it is one of the places I often think about).

AuntPear drove us past the reservoir and I jumped out of the car to take photos even though the car behind was not happy we were slowing and stopping!  She dropped me at FossePark taking Moo back to Grandmas and Grandad then drove me to the hospital.

MrsElderflowrMeadow was looking much brighter and had just done a short walk to the window (aided). The dreaded tube had gone and she was drinking and nibbling a piece of dry toast.  I only had an hour but we made the most of it.  I have my whole body crossed that she can overcome this hurdle of not eating so she can get more strength and start moving about more.  She has done one week and has done so well.  Another two to go in Hospital and another three weeks of rest at home.  It was very tough and sad to say goodbye.

Grandad drove me home and showed me some more sights.  I tried to check in for my flight tomorrow but the stupid site said I had tried too many times (with the correct references I might say) and would have to try in 24 hours. Doh,  considering I will be on a plane in 24 hous BA, that might be too late!!!!!!  This annoyed me on top of feeling sad plus various emails from the Football Club which were frustrating too!!!!!!

I left Moo and Grandma preparing the ‘Cards Feast’ for later and met AuntyMiaow, UncleTuc, LittleT and Hen at the local Thorpe pub for a swift half.  AuntyMiaow walked me back.  It was very sad to say goodbye.  By the time I got back I was properly bawling and had to call Huffle.  He told me it was time to come home now.

Moo helped me pack my big case with all the chocolate and gifts I have been given or bought.  It weighed just under what it should thank goodness.  I have had to leave a few toiletries but I decided on chocolate over smellies!!

This evening AuntPear, UncleGrump, CousinE, CousinD, HB and GeorgiePorgie came round and we ate the feast and played cards.  It was a lot of fun and a very good night.

Saying goodbye to Moo, HB and AuntPear wasn’t easy either.    Oh dear, why is this so hard?


After breakfast, Yahoo and I took Peb out for a walk again across the fields.  We ventured past the sheep and the whole field came to see me at the gate.  So funny.  One of the fields was one we shouldn’t have crossed and the farmer chased us with his huge sprayer.  He probably didn’t chase us but he was close by and it made us walk very quickly.

I lurrrvve this photo soooo much

Yahoo had her ironing job to do and I walked to the Co-op and bought far too much chocolate to take home.  Once back I packed my bags and sat and chatted to Yahoo while she ironed.  Later,  Yahoo drove me back to Grandmas and I had lunch and Grandad took Grandma and I to the Leicester City Murals.  They were fantastic.  So clever.  I took many photos, plus a video, plus silly shots.

Grandma wanted to go somewhere nice with water so Grandad took us for a drink at TheMillOnTheSoar.  It was very busy and full of ‘interesting people’.  Not at all the ‘middle clarss ’ public I have been mixing with the larst couple of days!!!!

We came back briefly and got ready to go out for our evening.  Grandad took us to THURLASTON for a very nice dinner with UncleGrump and CousinE.  It was fabulous and the chef came and spoke to us several times.   Mainly to tell Grandma about the OliveDistbecause she kept forgetting to listen.

Nice day and evening.

Thursday, 19 April 2018


I slept really well and had a lovely breakfast of poached eggs (yahoo taught me to make a perfect poached egg years ago so it seemed the perfect breakfast for us).

We donned our walking boots and took her gorgeous lovely dog for a walk across the quintessentially English countryside.  The weather was gorgeous.

Later we went and visited FlowerLady who has a lovely local business and we sat and chatted and
tried some healthy chocolate.

MarketHarborough was our next call and Yahoo drove us there.  We popped in a few shops, bought some placemats, got snotty with a lady who wanted to give us two 5p carrier bags when we only needed one, and picked up a picnic which we ate by the river.   Awwww just like old times.  I always
brought the kids here to eat their picnics when they were little.

I can’t believe how hot it was.  If I had my shorts with me, they would have been worn.  Such a beautiful day.

We can back to Yahoos and sat in the garden relaxing and then we had a long jump on the trampoline
which made us laugh a lot.  We always laugh a lot anyway.

In the evening we dolled ourselves up and walked to th local Italian Restaurant and had a drink outside in the sunshine whilst waiting for MrsChappo, LizzieDotDot and nJill.  We had a lovely night, I was the only one properly drinking but the food was delicious and the company fabulous.

Lots of cuddles and we all left.  Yahoo and I walked home.  Good night.


What a busy day!

I had a spare morning and instead of sitting around drinking tea at Grandmas, I thought I would pop to AuntyMiaows who lives around the corner.  We walked to the park with the boys, grabbed a takeaway coffee and flapjack and sat on too small seats watching the kids play on the park.  As I don’t have too much time, it was rush rush rush and I had done over 12,000 steps by the time I got back to Grandmas.

Grandad took me back to the hospital.  MrsElderflowerMeadow was not too good.  She was really
struggling and I felt like I was not helping her by being there.  It’s tough because I obviously want to spend as much time as possible with her while I’m here but also she needs to recover.  So I called the nurse and left them to it.

LizzieDotDot collected me from the hospital and we went and picked up her boys with LittleN in the car.  Chatting on the way I learned that there were Orange Smarties now available.  Being Small’s favourite (when he was very small I told him he had to give all his orange ones to me and he never realised they tasted of orange.  Obviously later on, he knows and I’m lucky if I get one out of a whole tube) LizzieDotDot stopped at a local shop and bought him about six packets.  Lucky boy.

When we had collected all of the five children, we went back to her house in TheVillage.  Her and MrDotDot made a lovely tea and we sat and ate before Yahoo turned up and took me back to her house.  What an absolutely lovely family and I made all the kids hug me.  Ha ha! made this.  Crocheted all by herself.  She says it’s because I taught her so well.  I am very proud of her.  Love it!

We had a glass of wine, Facetimed Huffle and the boys andwent to bed.   


Moo and I had a nice slow start to the day.  She drove me to Grandma and Grandads late morning and we stayed for lunch.  Grandad then drove me to the hospital to see MrsElderflowerMeadow.  On the way he showed me a few sights of Leicester.
I stayed with MrsElderflowerMeadow for four hours.  It was extremely emotional but we had a really good chat.  She is really poorly and has had such a major operation and is still quite uncomfortable but we had some good quality time together before Grandad picked me up, gave me ten minutes to get ready and took me to TheVillage for a night out with my ChurchPlaygroup mums from when the kids were very little.  It was a good night, plenty of chat, good food and lots of giggles.

The Barman, when he found out where I used to live in TheVillage, asked if we rented our house to ‘that couple with the nice garden who moved abroad’. That was funny.  We are THAT couple.

Em drove me back to Thorpe and laughed a lot on the way home.   Aww miss these ladies.  In the morning she said hello to her girls from me and asked if they remembered me.  The eldest one said “yes she has dark hair and is really good at funny voices”. That’s hilarious.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


After breakfast, Moo drove us to Derbyshire for a visit with the ‘Lettuces’.  It was about an hour’s drive and traffic and roads were quite bad.  We got there a little after we said we would but we were welcomed by Superwoman making a cheesecake.

Superdad was cutting the grass and we watched him from the conservatory while we ate our homemade cake.

The kids (Boywonder and CatGirl) were practising for their singing exams and hair was being crimped (scarecrow style) while we chatted and had a good catch up.  Superwoman made us a lovely lunch of everything plus the cheesecake.  It was very scrummy.   We had a lovely morning.  They are a really nice family and it felt like we had just popped around the corner like always.

On the way home, Moo drove and I fell asleep.

We spent some time at FossePark which was interesting and pretty much as I remembered.

It rained on and off and finally we decided to go for a walk.  Moo took me to see her allotment and then we walked to the Marina and had a wander.  We had a really good walk.

When we got back we were hungry and we had homemade homegrown carrot soup with cheese on toast and apple crumble.  Yum yum.


Debore dropped me off at Moo’s in the morning where I left my bags and Moo dropped me off at the train station.  I then travelled with a carriage full of Tigers (Rugby fans) into the City of Leicester.  Bearing in mind this is where I was born and a city I knew really well (up until I left 6.5 years ago) I really did struggle with getting my bearings.  To start with I just followed the crowd of noisy Tigers, but as I got further into the city, I panicked that I couldn’t get to where I wanted to.    Luckily Aunty Miaow rescued me via text and directed me to a lovely coffee place (after we sorted our left from our rights).  I had a second breakfast and a coffee and waited for AuntyA to join me.

Today we decided to do the DickTour.  We visited the RichardIII visitor centre.  It was a very informative tour.  Lots of reading to do.  I think we learned a lot of new information but there was an awful lot to take in.  Some of it was very interesting and some was downright idiotic, for example the woman who had a ‘feeling that Richard was buried somewhere else’ and th fact that that same woman had hers wellies on display with the digger bucket that dug him out!!!    Honestly!   Our most favourite bit was the dressing up clothes at the end where we brought out our inner child.

After we finished we went and visited the Cathedral which I can’t remeber ever going to.  It was beautiful.  We were very happy in there until the LadyVicar asked us to be silent and pray and it all
got a bit too religious and we escaped.

We wandered a few shops and then went for lunch at MrsMiggins Pie Shop (not really called that but we have always known it as that).  We had a long slow chatty lunch, a wander through some shops and a beer in local bar.  We both got on different trains and went on our way.  AA back to London and me back to Hinckley where Moo was waiting to walk me home.  Moo had done all my chocolate shopping for me and bought some blackout material for my room so I could sleep. Awwww.

She took me for a drink in a bar and while we were there we bumped into Huffle’s cousins who live in a village nearby.  I had only just said to Moo “I look around and wonder if I know anyone, and there they were”.  Funny.