Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Champagne in Greenland

Before I even got out of bed this morning, I was checking the bus cancellations. Small desperately wanted a day off school and Smallest wanted a snow day (no bus but school still open - more fun!). Both buses were running though and off they went. I also checked the flight status of Moo's plane. First she was delayed by 50mins, then 1hr15, then 1hr50 and finally 2hr3. Poor Moo had to sit on the plane for over 2 hours before they got to take off.

I had a flight tracker on my IPad and I kept an eye on it throughout the day. Instead of the route it should have taken, it went up to Scotland and across to Greenland, seemed to stop and go backwards and then zig zagged its way to Canada. Very strange and it only took an extra 5 minutes.

I called MrsM to see if it was a work day and she told me to stay at home and have a snow day. She also told me that parts of the 401 (highway to airport) was closed so Huffle gave me full dispensation to travel on the 407 (toll road).

Awwwwww <3

I also woke to a lovely photo of MrsEldeflowerMeadow with her cowl that I made and only sent last week.

We had about 10cm of snow during the night and it continued snowing through the morning. The temperature was -5* with wind chill of -12*. The snow stopped around midday and then started again early evening.

Waiting for Smallest's bus

My snow day was mainly finishing knitting chickens and labelling them and wrapping things up. Huffle and I cleared part of the drive and then the snow fell again and covered it all up. After lunch, we went out and cleared my car of snow. There was so much on there! Huffle cleared the area around my car and I went off to school to watch the Dress Rehearsal. It was chaotic. The best part for me was when the fire alarm went off (construction crew were testing it) and the band played along with the tone of it. Very funny. The singing was out of tune, the band were out of time, the jokes were bad. It wasn't that bad all in all but I'll never get that hour and a half back!

At home I just had time for a quick drink and a finish of another chicken before I had to go and get Moo. Smallest stayed at home for his concert later and Small came with me. Our journey was very quick and trouble-free and well worth the money to use the toll road. We got there just before Moo got out of the plane (we think). We did a lot of people watching and saw a man with a rose in an LCBO (booze) bag. Another man with a bouquet. An Asian woman nearly barged into me with her trolley. A woman and her son who wanted to talk to us because she had someone on the same flight as Moo (I think she heard our accents). Once we found Moo who had had a terrible time once getting off the plane but had been upgraded to Clubclass, we all got stuck in the lift and nearly had to press the Alarm Button.

We had a good journey back and made very good time. Huffle had dropped Smallest off at the concert (Smallest told him not to stay as the concert was rubbish) and he had dinner waiting for us when we got home. After dinner, Moo emptied her case. We have been very good this year.....

That's it. Christmas has been declared

Small dived straight in for Crunchie and Smallest had a MilkyBar as soon as he got home from his concert.

Moo was very tired but did manage to tuck Smallest up in bed before she crashed out herself.



Monday, 11 December 2017

Mister Meaner

I have a board on the fridge and it states how much money the kids have earned (or owe). Each month, for every 30 days of a clean and clear bedroom, they get some money which I add to the board. This morning I checked on their rooms and found Smallest's to be nicely tidied and Small's looked tidy but there was a lump under his duvet. What could it be? Surely not his clothes he should have put away yesterday? Tut tut. When I questioned him about it later he said he wanted it to look good but didn't have time! He chose his own punishment and decided he would clear the snow when it came. Well that decision was just in time because it came! He also hasn't been eating his yoghurts everyday and this morning he tipped one away from Friday. Oh dear Small!

Boys went to school (tiniest dusting of snow). Huffle worked at the kitchen table, in the computer room and in the loft.

I went to my exercise class and we did two minutes on the treadmill which was set at big hill while the other person did weights for two mins and then we swapped over many times. It was a very funny session and we worked hard as usual.

Back home I made flapjack for tomorrows coffee break/after exercise on Wednesday and made a Broccoli soup. I popped to the supermarket to stock up and came home for lunch with Huffle. He was Facetiming Grandma and Grandad.

This afternoon I showered, made a Lemon Drizzle Cake (Moo requested one) and finished making the Soup which became a Broccoli and Blue Cheese soup. Ummmm.

Small didn't come home as he was at his friend's house where three of his French classmates were making an IvoryCoast local dish of FriedBananas for a French project due tomorrow. I picked him up and brought him home in time for his piano lesson.

MrsPiano was given her piano striped chicken today and I thought she was pleased with her gift but Smallest said he didn't think she was. Oh well, at least we got her a gift card too! We have the piano recital on Sunday so if the chicken isn't on display somewhere, I'll know!

Late afternoon it started snowing and it fell quickly and settled well. We are due to have 10-15cm. Not looking forward to driving to the airport tomorrow! Moos flight so far is on schedule but flights are being cancelled from heathrow (not all, but one flight to Toronto was cancelled yesterday and one more for tomorrow). Oh dear. I hope she knows before she travels whether the flight will be going or not. By the time we get up she should have already started her flight.

Dinner was eaten. Smallest didn't like the soup. When he was little he ate all my soups and broccoli was called FrogSoup. The boys went to Cubs where they made a giant cookie. Huffle and I walked for an hour in the snow. It was cold but it was nice snow. Crunchy and powdery and it fell in a mesmerising way when you looked up. The temperature hit -16* (feels like) today.



Sunday, 10 December 2017

Argoes and Ama-zone

Today we had a list day with a difference. Instead of games, we had chores. It's a good job because I made a mistake turning the heating up this morning and we spent the day in a cold house. We didn't notice, because we worked so hard, until we sat down to watch the final of ImACelebrity.

The boys cleaned for time on their pads or on FIFA! We hoovered, mopped, dusted, made Moo's bed (here on Tuesday), tidied the basement and even hoovered under the sofa cushions. This is our Spring clean before the Christmas decorations go up, then we will have another one when the decorations come down. In between time we can just eat nice things and open presents. Wahoooo. I also cleaned the fish, decorated a small Christmas cake and Huffle fed all the other cakes. The house is nicely spick and span and now, when Moo gets here, I don't have to waste time doing too much cleaning.

Judging by all the snow the UK have had today, I'm a little bit worried Moo won't be able to get here. The snow seems so small in comparison to what we get here but it's all relative.

We've had snow all day today but it hasn't come to anything (although looking out of the window now at 11:15 and the road is covered lightly). At least we have snow ploughs. Our boys will be going to school whatever.

Apart from cleaning and playing and eating and watching TV, we didn't do much else. I went for a half an hour walk in the light snow while the boys played FIFA and Huffle took the boys to the community centre to do their part in clearing up after the Hamlet Turkey Dinner early evening.


Saturday, 9 December 2017

I was brought up to smell the rain!*

Huffle and I went to bed early, so early in fact that Small was still watching his TV. Naughty boy got a shock when I walked in his room to check if he was ok. Still up past 10pm!!!! Huffle, Smallest and I got up before 6:45am and were very very tired! We left Small in bed asleep and we managed a tiny breakfast. I took a flask of hot water and one of coffee with me to the game plus a tired squashed bagel!

What a terrible game. 5-0 loss. The team were half asleep and very non-aggressive (well apart from Smallest) and the referee blew his whistle for everything! It was so bad that Huffle couldn't shout anymore. That's unheard of EVER! He even gave up abusing the ref!

We went home where Small had made scrambled egg for us. No toast, no tea, no table set but it was a start. We discussed it last night and he traded scrambled eggs from him if I made pancakes tomorrow. DEAL! But he did say (when we got home), "quick make the toast, I can't do everything you know!" Umm maybe I should try that line one day.

The boys watched the Stoke game (5-1 Loss eeek). I knitted and watched HolbyCity.

We went out to get a gift card for Christmas and then had calzones nearby and came home.

Huffle and I went out for a walk. It was quite cold and biting. We walked for about 45 minutes leaving the boys to tidy their rooms, practice piano and then play on FIFA.

Once back we all sat and watched StarWarsEmpireStrikesBack No5. We only managed ten minutes by the time everyone had got their tea and we found the right film. Then Small had to go to his football game (8pm start). Small got a goal tonight and his team won 3-0. Wahoo a double. Smallest and I watched HortonHearsAHoo before he went to bed.

I finished off some knitting projects and waited for the big boys to come home. Big snow is forecast for Monday.

Just a small covering today


* quote by Huffle. Our response. "You can't even smell your own Trumps!!!"


Friday, 8 December 2017


No snow. Still dark when we get up in th morning. Well for some of us. Huffle got up late this morning. He heard the door go and thought it was Small's early morning leaving (7:45) but it was Smallest (8:40). Lazy Big Bear!

Boys off to school. Huffle worked at the kitchen table, in the loft and when I got home around 1pm, I found him putting up the Elf Light. Oh oh, one little Grinch boy will not be pleased. We thought perhaps he wouldn't notice!!!

I went to knitting and made progress on a chicken, helped MrsBasement with her sock and showed DiDi how to crochet C2C. On the way home I popped to a shop to pick up something nice for later and get some much needed moisturiser for Smallest's legs. His shin pads are rubbing again and making him very sore and dry. We switched his body wash last night for Grandma's sensitive baby wash. It seemed to help.

Huffle and I had lunch and watched a Gotham and then he went back to work and I drove far away to pick up some stuff I had ordered for Christmas and take some clothes back. I also picked up some stocking stuffers and had a quick peruse before coming home. Small was already home and starting his homework and Smallest came home soon after. Both sat in Small's room watching ImACelebrity.

We had dinner and I noticed green dots on the ceiling in the living room. The Elf Light was shining through the whole house. No hiding it then from Grinchy! I went out to have a look and it filled the whole front of the house, plus our tree plus some of the plants in the garden. It looked very magical. Sorry Moo for not waiting but Huffle was afraid the ground would get too frozen soon to put it in!

Doesn't really do it justice

After dinner, we gave the boys instructions on how the treadmill worked (we hadn't broken it after all but the incline is set to Hill) and then we went for a walk while showers and tableting were done. We walked about 5,000 steps, a different way round the village, where we heard a musical set of decorations, saw two High Viz jacketed people twice and spied lots of Elf lights and decorated houses.

Littlest man practising
That snowman was HHUUGGE

*what AuntPear called Huffle for being in #teamIain. Ha ha very funny. We can't stand him either but it's fun to wind her up. Sorry AP.


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Yoda on the treadmill

The snow didn't settle and there was no sign of it by the time we got up this morning. We had 10-15cm forecast for the next few days and then it was reduced down to 6cm. Keep going and we might get nothing at all!

I like Thursdays because it's the only day in the week that I don't have to rush off to do something. I can have a relaxed breakfast sitting down and possibly watching TheAWord(BBC). I had a long list of things I wanted to do and I planned my route accordingly. I also wrote a couple more letters and addressed them all. Except for one which I realised after I got to the PostOffice. Luckily, having Huffle at home means I can get him to look things up and text me.

I started by popping to the supermarket. I like to buy a certain brand of washing up liquid (Dish Soap here which is why I can never find it). It's non-toxic and plant based and smells lovely. However it does cost more than Fairy (or whatever the equivalent is here), so when my latest bottle stopped pumping half way through, I was a little bit annoyed. Taking it apart I noticed the pumper pipe had a split in it and nothing was going up. I know I could have emptied it into another container but I felt inconvenienced, so I took my half full (ever the optimist) back and got a brand new bottle. Ha! Thank you MrPresident. While I was there I picked up a few essentials.

Next I went to BulkBarn (I sent Suffolk here yesterday for baking supplies. Somehow she had never been and was impressed except for it smelling like a pet shop!!) where I bought Marzipan (Almond Paste of course) and gold coins that Santa likes too put in everyone's stockings and cake decorations for the Christmas Cake and Gingerbread house for the boys to do!

My third stop was the PostOffice where I posted a multitude of letters and a parcel and it wasn't until I had walked away from the PostOffice lady that I realised my parcel may not be addressed correctly. I texted said receiver and luckily it was correct. Phew.

TownHall was next where I picked up a handful of water tester bottles which I will have to take back next week as they don't test over the weekend. I read the instructions and it says if there is E-Coli (OMG I hope not) present they will courier a message back ASAP. Eeeekkkk.

My last stop was to the sewing shop as I have been asked to make a SoupKoosie (like the one I made for Huffle and Small) as a Christmas present for a friend of a friend. I had no idea what to charge as I didn't know how much everything cost. Of course they don't have the cotton batting I needed so I have to wait. Still, I thought I might make a few and see if I can sell them. If I can't, they will be useful for the house.

I came home for lunch with Huffle and we watched Detectorists (such a clever and funny series).

Huffle found a treadmill for sale on Facebook nearby so he made an appointment for me to view it so I went to look at that this afternoon and while I was there I picked up Small from school (save him the 45 minute bus ride home). The treadmill was bought and the husband put it in my car. It was only $25. Basic but sure it will be fine. I went to collect Small and sat and watched student after student escape from school and Small was nowhere to be seen. I sent him texts telling him not to forget I was there waiting outside. When I saw several buses leave, I wondered if I should come home and was texting Huffle when I got a message saying "ooops sorry I'm on the bus, I'm coming". Dufus!!! He ran to my car and we went home. He didn't see any of my texts after the one asking if he wanted a lift until it was almost too late.

Small and I carried the treadmill from the car into the house and Huffle joined us and the three of us carried it down the stairs to the basement. It worked well until we tried to set the incline lower and a screw sheared off. We folded it up and will look at it another day.

The boys sat in Small's room with a biscuit each watching ImACeleb. Honestly, what a pair of old men! I made dinner and afterwards Smallest and Huffle went off to football. Small stayed behind and played on his tablet and I went for a walk with SamSmith (in my ears). I walked for over an hour and did over 6,000 steps (14,000 for the day). I took photos of some fo the houses I passed.

Despite having had a good day, I am feeling a little bit down. Writing to people back home made me a bit homesick, several people here are annoying me for one reason or another and poor Smallest got the brunt of my day by telling me he didn't have enough time to eat the salad I made (after he'd sat for an hour watching tv). Uurrrgggghhhhh. Friday tomorrow. All will be better!


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Boom boom chow

Another middle of the night get up for me (not really but why is it so dark in the mornings?). My eyes were glued together. It takes so long for me to not have a puffed up face. What happens in the night to make my face look like that? Ten rounds with Amir Khan!

Small went to school and he forgot to bring home our tickets for tonight's band concert! Smallest went to school and came home without the form needed for him to join Ski Club this year, despite the many discussions we had on moving football for the five weeks it is on! I had to text the Ski teacher to ask if he could still join. Wish that boy would listen!

I got collected by MrsM and off we went to exercise. ExerciseNic didn't feel so well so we had a fairly easy morning. Lots of stretching though and weights. On the way home I took MrsM to see the secretary at the school as MrsM's son and the secretary are best friends but they haven't seen each other for a long time. It was lovely and they hugged a lot and had much to say to each other.

I FaceTimed Moo. Less than a week and she will be here. She was very excited. I made two soups for dinner later and then Huffle and I had lunch.

This afternoon I finished the soups (Chicken and sweet corn and Carrot, Lentil and Tomato), finished some more crochet, had a shower and tidied.

Small came home and we argued about pants and lunch bags and he flumped off to his room to do homework and watch ImACeleb. Smallest joined him when he got home. I gave MissHorse a knitting lesson and I showed her how to sew in her ends and we attempted to crochet some legs for her chicken. We didn't get on well but as her sister knows how to do it she said she will see if she can help her. We should sew it all up next week in time for Christmas.

Dinner was eaten and then we all went out to Small's school for his Christmas Band Concert. It was just over an hour's performance but obviously we had to get there earlier so Small could get his instrument and join his band mates. We heard the jazz band play several tunes but we didn't think they were very jazzy, good but not jazzy enough for us. The Grade 10's played, then the Senior Band, several soloists and a few smaller groups and a Bagpiper, with Christmas lights which was excellent, before our tall man played in the Junior Band. Of course his was the best and his Tuba was very loud (there are two other Tuba players, plus euphoniums which are just smaller Tubas in my opinion). It was an enjoyable performance and not too long or too warm or too packed. There were the usual annoying people but we can't do anything about them!!!

It was snowing when we came out.

Bye Stanley - can't say you will be missed.