Saturday, 21 October 2017

A sachet of coq*

Ahhh the weekend.

Breakfast followed by Stoke fans watching in the main stand and the Leicester fan watching in the upper stand. Huffle took the jigsaw upstairs so I could puzzle away at the same time. My stand was happy with the 2-1 win but the others were disappointed and a little grumpy about their loss.

We all went out around lunchtime and had a personal panzo each (Calzone but our waitress couldn't really understand us and she called it a panzo, so we did too). We only ate half and brought the rest home for another day. Our real reason for being out today was to get Small sorted with various things. His backpack (rucksack) was splitting because he has to carry so much stuff these days but once we took out his heavy laptop and Huffle found him an old bag of his, his backpack didn't look so bad so we crossed those two things off our list before we even started. He did however, need new black trousers for Band. He still fits in Huffle's old shoes so that's okay for now but he just keeps growing. I swear he's only worn his black trousers twice. Anyway we had to get some so we made him try on about six pairs and finally decided on a pair that had a little room on the waist but plenty of room lengthwise. I told him he has to wear them ten times before he gets new ones. Crazy long growy thing!!

Next we bought him some new binders. When we were told how many he needed, their was no stipulation on how big they had to be and his English work is already filling his folder. So we bought two huge ones and now he can use one of the smaller ones for his homework. I bought some wool and Smallest tried several pieces of chocolate from the sample lady. The second time he went up he put his fleece on so she wouldn't recognise him. Silly boy. In a supermarket, a man behind us had several sachets of soup or sauce granules. The packets all said 'Coq' in French and 'c0ck' in English/Canadian. Huffle and I were laughing like little kids. "Hello, wife I have bought you some c0ck". He had loads too! We were going to go for a walk but we were all tired, so we came home instead.

Small got on with some more homework, Smallest read and then came out and helped Huffle and I in the garden where we planted the rest of our plants and finished off our stone and stepping stone path. Looking good.

Smallest and Huffle played FIFA and I jigsawed. Huffle helped me finish it and then we all watched XFactor with a bit of tea.

Love it. Grandma bought it for us and There is a Leicester Mercury for sale. Awwwwww

This evening (ridiculous time of 9pm), Huffle and Small went to Small's football. His day is now Saturday and his time will be either 7pm, 8pm or 9pm. It seems very strange going out at that time to play football.

Smallest and I stayed at home and watched CakeBoss and played Simon before bed.


Friday, 20 October 2017

Little Frank Poppins*

Small woke me up with about three minutes to spare to get his lunch ready and instead of making a start himself, he was playing with the sponge ball in the kitchen. I was not pleased. After he had left, with his lunch, Smallest told me that Small had asked him to get stuff out ready for lunch making. Cheeky bu99er. I had a word with him when he got home but he said it was a misunderstanding and he never told him that at all. I think they are both old enough to get their own now anyway but I quite like having the control of knowing what they have.

I went off to knitting today. I haven't been for ages and I bundled everything I could find into my bag. Four socks, two needing casting off, my crochet and a ball of wool I didn't know what to do with. Mainly I sat and chatted with shopkeeperEl, Di and JR. I finished a rib on one sock and attempted to cast off but it didn't look right so I undid it.

Huffle and I had lunch together and watched a W1A - so funny. This afternoon I went and finished off my shopping from yesterday. All went well and I bumped (not literally) into a lady I knew and we had a chat. Half way round, I bumped (yes literally) into a display of boxes of crisps and knocked them all down, all seven/eight of them. A woman saw me and said 'run away while no one is looking'. Oh my goodness, what is wrong with me? I also dropped a carton of apple juice whilst packing the car, but it was okay. I should just go to bed and stay there. My shin is fine though hurts to touch and actually you can't see anything on there which is a bit disconcerting considering how much pain I was in. You would have thought that there would have been a bruise or lump, instead of a small red mark! Now I have nothing to show for such a terrible morning!

After I put the shopping away, I sat on the porch in the beautiful sunshine (23*) and FaceTimed Moo. She watched Small come home and chatted with him and then watched Smallest get off the bus and chatted with him too.

After dinner we watched XFactor. Small has a lot of homework again and did most of it this evening but is going to space it out through the weekend so it isn't so daunting. Tomorrow we have school shopping to do. I hope I can be trusted to go out!

Huffle I jigsawed and watched Gardeners World and sat and chatted and listened to music.


*Smallest was telling us about his day. Part of it was going for a walk in the Hamlet with his 'reading buddy' who is a boy in kindergarten who is not the best behaved. I asked if he listened to Smallest and behaved well for him and he said he did. I talked about how well he did with younger children and that I could see him being a teacher. There was much discussion about it and I said "no really, he's great with little kids, he's like Mary Poppins', much to the disgust of Smallest that I should call him a girls name. OK THEN, FRANK POPPINS! He liked that a bit better.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

I fought the Persil and the Persil won!

After the boys went to school (Small's alarm didn't go off and Smallest was very tired after his late night), I went off to Costco for a quick shop, fully intending to finish the rest of my shopping off at the nearby supermarket afterwards. Costco had only just opened (and yet people were coming out wth their bought shopping before the opening time, how does that work?) and so it wasn't too packed and busy but of course there were no samples as it was too early. I happily got all I needed and paid, renewed my membership and walked towards the car. It was a lovely bright sunshiney day and Inwas happy until the washing liquid fell off the bottom of the trolley landing in a squelchy mess in front of me. I slipped and bashed my shin on the undeneath of the trolley. At first I wasn't sure what had happened until I heard cries of "oh no what a shame" and "oh dear". Mainly people just passed me by, despite the tears rolling down my face (it hurt a lot!). One woman came to my rescue and asked what she could do to help as I held my dripping, half empty washing liquid. I said 'Thanks but I don't know!' She asked where my car was and of course I didn't know that either. I felt very sorry for myself.

I found the car, packed everything in and then went and spoke to the trolley collector, still holding my drippy liquid. He said he would get the mess cleared up and told me to go to returns where they would give me a new one. From there, I was directed to the 'podium' (this was no time for a pole dance!) and I spoke to a very nice lady who told me to go to the washroom while she got a new bottle for me. Not only was I limping but my eye was all red too from rubbing it with washing liquid on my fingers! What a state. New bottle in hand, I got to the car without any more trouble and drove to the other supermarket. As I opened the boot to get some bags out, the bottle of liquid slipped out and crashed to the floor, spilling yet more of the damn stuff! That was it. I burst into tears, picked it up and placed it securely on the front passenger floor and drove carefully home. I didn't dare do anything else!

Huffle was there to help me and I burst into tears again and told him my story. He unloaded, unpacked and made me a cup of tea and then put all the freezer things away, made sure I was okay and disappeared back to work. I put Iboorofen Gel on my shin and an ice pack and drank my tea and washed my eyes. Then my other eye started running and continued for the rest of the day!

Huffle and I had lunch together and watched an episode of DontTellTheBride which cheered me up and then he went back to work briefly while I started a jigsaw. At 1:40 we drove to Small's school for our Parent/Teacher Interviews. Our first appointment was 2:10 with Small's English Teacher, the infamous teacher who he talks so much about. Strict but engaging enough for Small to have upped his interest in English. He spoke really quickly and mainly to Small. His mark so far is 80% and he told us what he wanted Small to work on and explained his plan which was to get him to university and to a place where the workplace would be happy with his written work. He thanked us for coming and told Small that he was lucky to have us both there, that that meant we cared about him and he must buy us a nice Christmas prsent. He spoke far too quickly, without emotion and was so monotone that it was difficult to understand.

Next we walked quickly to the Guidance Room to find Small's Maths teacher at 2:15 (four minutes to talk to English and 1 minute to find Maths). She was very happy with Small's work and said he had 91% which was excellent. He contributed and helped his fellow students and she had nothing bad to say at all. Next we saw his science teacher who said her only critism was that he never volunteered for extra duties and that when asked who would help her, his while group played "nose goes" instead of offering. He does that at home too. If you ask for someone to do something, they say nose goes and the last person to put their hand on their nose, has to go! Stupid! She wants him to do less of that and I said 'he would do less of that at home too". He had a 93%. The last one we spoke to was his French Teacher. She was very very happy with him and in fact gave us the MiddaughHandShake (which we are regarding as the PaulHollywood handshake) for giving her such a great student and bringing him up so well. Fabulous. He got a 90% in French (she said 10% off perfect which no one ever is). We checked out the kitchens and sampled some goodies the students had made. Not bad!

We brought Small home with us. He got on with homework and Huffle went back to work while I did a bit more jigsaw until Smallest came home and then I made a start on dinner.

After dinner we all watched XFactor and then the boys played on their tablets, Huffle sorted his wardrobe and I did some more jigsaw. My shin is feeling much better. I seriously thought I had smashed it, it was so painful. While I was trying to transfer the Persil into the old bottle (which wasn't smashed up) I spilt it on the floor and all over the cupboard! I've I could find another product I like, I might just change it!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


A much warmer day with lots of sunshine. Still a cool beginning and another frost overnight. Huffle took out the courgettes and dug out some grass ready for some of our new plants. He was working but had a few gaps where he wasn't on calls, so used his breaks wisely.

The boys went to school. Smallest has a test tomorrow on Maths and another one on Forces in Science this week so he brought home a review sheet and we worked on it together. Small had lots of homework and worried about how to bring everything home he needed. I need to get him some more folders then maybe he can have a specific homework folder.

I went to exercise with MrsM. Because I didn't go for my Monday walk, my legs were really hurting. Sounds silly but the walk stops me from ceasing up. I struggled today but it was good. Funny as usual.

I came home briefly for a snack and drink and picked up my tools and headed to Suffolks for two hours of gardening. The first hour I put all her new plants in and moved a couple. These are the plants we bought when Grandma and Grandad helped her choose. Her front garden is looking very nice and will look spectacular next year I hope. She came home and we gardened together, cutting back mainly.

She made me a lovely lunch of FlipOvers with Brie and Sweet Red Pepper Jelly. Very nice. We managed a cup of tea and a chat before I had to get home.

Small was already home and doing homework. Smallest followed shortly afterwards. Today I gave MissHorse a knitting lesson. We did well. We did some undoing techniques and untwisting stitches and continued with the dishcloth.

I made a soup for dinner and afterwards Huffle took Smallest to his first football session this season. His friend Dan had a fall at school today and has a mild concussion so he wasn't there. Hopefully won't be off for too long. Smallest's practice was split between two teams (Huffle thinks Smallest's is in the second team) and they didn't start until 7:30pm which means they didn't get home until 9:30 which is far too late for a 10 year old on a school night who normally goes to bed at 8:30 and likes to have a bath after a practice!!!

Small and I stayed at home. I got my long awaited shower and Small played on his tablet. Eventually he took pity on me and we played a game of Disney Monopoly which he thrashed me at!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Mesure, Ajouter, Passer

Grandma and Grandad arrived home safe. Huffle and I were back in our own bed. I slept well but Huffle had a broken night's sleep. The boys woke themselves up and then me, although he came up to the loft to find me.

The boys went to school and I spent most of the morning doing washing, drying and folding plus some vacuuming downstairs and cleaning. Huffle did lots of vacuuming upstairs in between work calls. We both moved stuff from bedrooms and bathrooms until everything was where it should be again. I got to catch up on a bit of TV too while I had my breakfast and early lunch.

Midday, I went to Hamlet school to take part in the ChefAL'ecole. I have been several years before so knew what to expect but instead of a whole day, I did the afternoon. There were only two classes, the first being Smallest's. I worked mainly with his group of six. We made Cats Tongues (longue de chat) which is a shortbread style biscuit. It was very nice and we had them with cream and jam. My role was to keep the kids behaving, helping them to mix and tell them to 'lave' wash up. I put the biscuits in the oven and keep an eye on them and tried them to make sure they were okay. I ended up staying till the end of school and popped in to see MrsPiano's class where MissMoll was. I was thanked profusely by MrsFrench and the FrenchChef too.

Back home, I made a start on dinner, finished washing and folded lots! Small was already home and stared homework. He looks really tired and needs to go to bed earlier. Now he has a tv in his room, we don't really know when he turns it off but I'm guessing it's too late. They did a chore and piano practice and played on their tablets until dinner was ready.

We had a frost last night and it has taken out our courgettes, tomatoes and beans. Huffle put a few of our plants in the garden and brought in the cannas.

After dinner we played MarioKart and watched XFactor.

This evening Huffle and I watched TheGreatBritishBakeOff. Won't give it away just in case but.......the curse of the Smallest hits again. Everytime Smallest chooses a new favourite, they leave!


Monday, 16 October 2017

And as if by magic, the shopkeeper arrived

The wind was wild last night and Smallest thought that Grandma and Grandad were moving clothes hangers about at a ridiculous hour of the morning. It was, in fact, the tree branches bashing against the window and Grandma getting up to see what it was! That's a relief. Grandma moving clothes and hangers around in her sleep was a bit worrying!

Huffle and I slept better. Smallest slept very well and didn't get Small up. We really need to get him an alarm clock, we should not be relying on the youngest member of the household to wake everyone up. Both boys went to school still in shorts despite the icy coolness of the start of the day. Smallest did wear gloves though!!

I went to my exercise class and we nearly abondoned it into go to Walmart for a wander but we didn't. Also during the class, a baby was born, well not in our class but we were the first to see the photos. Awwwwww.

Today filming was taking place on our road, I think Anne of Green Gables or whatever the new series is called. How exciting.

Huffle took the afternoon off work and we took Grandma and Grandad for lunch in our local pub. Afterwards we visited the charity shop and Grandad played at being MrBenn trying things on.

A familiar site this visit of Grandad waiting for us to be read to go out
Mainly hats

I bought myself a new gardening hat and the boys some books. We were supposed to go to the Garden Centre but we forgot to leave a key for Small so we had to come back, via the cake shop for some treats.

Grandad watched the Leicester v WestBrom game. Small came home with all the times for our parent teacher interviews happening on Thursday. He did well. He managed to get them all within 5/10 minutes of each other and it's in the afternoon so Huffle and I can go and it doesn't interfere with Smallest's football. We found out today that Smallest won't be practising, one of his football nights, with his friend Dan. That's a shame. I like his mum - who will I talk to now?

Whilst checking what was in the pantry and fridge, I found a plastic bag with Colin the Cabbage in. Still really huge despite having eaten half of it. MrsPiano took a quarter of it away with her. I wonder what I can do with the other quarter?

Oh the boys will be pleased !!

The boys had piano lessons followed by their quick dinner and a play on their tablets before going off to Cubs and I had an hour to myself. Well forty minutes by the time I drove there and back and there and back.

Huffle took Grandma and Grandad to the airport for their flight home. Goodbye both, hope you have a good flight and a nice sleep when you get home. Don't dream of cabbage (wish I could have wrapped it up and hid it in your bags!!!!). Speak to you soon xxx


Sunday, 15 October 2017

That time the weather was bad and the cardboard was unsteady...........*

A better night's sleep. Yay. Today we had weather warnings which included very strong winds, possibly in the 100kmph, heavy rainfall and electrical storms. We did indeed get the high winds and I know some trees fell and some places had loss of power for some time. At the time of writing, we just had bad rain and wind. We do know the roessure was high because most of us suffered headaches and some of us earaches.

After a pancake breakfast, I wrapped UK Christmas presents before Huffle and I escaped for a couple of hours to do some errands. We visited several shops on the way to PortPerry and then several more shops there, including the chip shop. We took home a box and a half of chips (not the same as a bag, who decided boxes were the thing here?) and sent home a message to ask for the table to be set and a pot of tea to be made. We also visited the butcher for nice sausages for another day and the supermarket for bread to go with the chips. The bread got squashed en route but was still very nice as a chip butty. Huffle and I bought ourselves a 17th Wedding Anniversary present of a wind structure for the garden. It certainly got used today!

Grandma and Smallest had made an apple crumble, from the apples we bought from the farm last week, and cheese scones. Mid afternoon we ate the crumble and watched XFactor.

Today we played Monopoly Deal in teams (Grandad and I won), Newmarket (Small won) and Wizard (Smallest won). There have been many games of 'goalie' which eventually drove me mad with all the running around and kicking of a small foam ball. The kids had cabin fever as they haven't been out all day because of weather.