Thursday, 29 September 2016

No-rthern Lights

Small's thumb had more mobility today due to him being in the shower and keeping it under the hot water. Maybe you should shower more often then Small! Boys went off to school still wearing shorts but it rained for most of the day. Another very Autumnal day.

I had a lovely FaceTime with Yahoo this morning. So lovely to chat and laugh with her even if she did forget to call at first. Mid-morning I met up with Angel and we went for a coffee/tea. This is the first time we have met up without the kids and away from football. It was nice and we stayed for ages. She has just two weeks before her baby is due. Eeeeeeeekk.

I quickly popped to the knitting shop to pick up a couple of things and then to Dollarama for birthday things, balloons, wrapping paper, sparklers, badge etc and then a supermarket for a few bits before getting home and having a late lunch with Huffle. His toe is very black and shiny (swollen). He has ridiculously long toes, I don't know why I haven't noticed before. I know that as men get older their ears and nose get bigger but do toes get longer? I cut his hair, made flapjacks for Small's class for a birthday treat for tomorrow and wrapped Small's presents.

The kids came home. Smallest has a cut in between two of his fingers where someone dug their nails in his hand trying to get a ball (I think it was an accident). Their chores today were to tidy their bedrooms. Small finished moving his clothes into the loft and made some room on his desk and bedside table plus gave me a huge pile of clothes that no longer fit him. Bad for him (the giant) but good for future Smallest.

The boys played on their tablets while I made dinner and afterwards we all played MarioKart. Huffle and I went out for an hour and left them Home Alone playing. We picked up a few birthday things and came home.

Apparently tonight was a good night to see the Northern Lights but of course it was cloudy and we could see nothing! Shame.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Fruit are okay!*

Small's thumb is still looking very swollen, out of shape and horrible but he said it felt a bit better and went off to school. He is managing to write even though it is on his right hand but he is not playing American Football during Gym. His teacher said he could jog around the field instead but today they had a fire drill so he didn't do anything.

Smallest played cricket again and his team scored 39 runs. His teacher (who is also picking the cricket team) is watching his class very closely to see who he can pick for the team next year (as they are not old enough yet) and Smallest is confident he will get on the team. Small approached the same teacher about trying out for the Cricket team who apparently said "there are only twelve places". Small said he looked at him as if to say "c'mon I know how to play". They get their confidence from Huffle.

I cycled to aerobics. All of my injuries from my fall have emerged. A scraped arm, a twisted back and knee and some bruising but all in all I was lucky I didn't hurt more! Aerobics was tough today, I don't know why I say that, it's tough every week but there were only three of us (and ExerciseNic) and judging by all the squats, lunges and weights we did, I will hurt more tomorrow. She offered to let me use the treadmill whenever I wanted as I said I wanted to start running but found it harder here, too hot, too humid, too cold, too slippy etc.

I cycled home and made a start on dinner as it was a bit of a rush later fitting everything in. After a quick lunch, I went for a forest walk with MrsRoyal. We tried a different forest with a different trail and ended walking for 1 1/2 hours. It was beautiful and ever changing. Parts of it we were in the thick of the forest, then we were in the open near fields, back in the dark green forest again and then up high where we stood and watched the swaying trees while we ate our pears. It was just lovely and a very good walk.

Afterwards we went to the local garden centre for a nose but didn't find anything we wanted which was good as neither of us had any money on us. We came home and I had five minutes on the porch before the kids came home. Smallest had homework which was to read for twenty minutes and I had to ask him some questions. He enjoyed it and it was nice to talk to him about the book. He is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Smallest cleared his drawers out in preparation for Grandma and Grandad moving into his room and Smallest and I had an early dinner before going to basketball.

Huffle painted the front door which looks really good. To be fair we haven't done it since we moved in and it's had new fixings since so it looks much nicer. He also raked up all the grass he cut yesterday. He bent his toe over again and is now suffering with a bruised and injured toe (the me one he hurt before). Small didn't come to basketball tonight because of his thumb but hopefully he will be there next week.

Basketball was in the same place as previous years but with a different coach which is a shame as the last one was excellent. However, this new one was good and Smallest liked him. He was much older but has played and coached before. He was good with the kids though I felt he could have been more strict, there's still time. Smallest worked very hard and was sweating well at the end. So was the Coach and he had another session afterwards! I had to tell a boy off (an older brother of one in Smallests class) as he was bouncing his basketball constantly and throwing it against the wall. I didn't think he should be doing that while the Coach was trying to teach. It was very off-putting. None of Smallest's class are the same as previous years though I did see a few regulars in Small's class.

*On the way we were talking about vegetables and Smallest was telling me he hated veg but "fruit are okay". We then had an Grammar lesson.

GBBO SPOILER ALERT: We all watched the GBBO before bed. Smallests favourite was Rav. He doesn't know yet that he has gone as he went to bed before the end.



Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I had a fall*

My garden pot - made me laugh this morning as it looked it was drooling with the dew

This morning, after the kids went, I left Huffle working and went out to meet Suffolk. We started with a cup of tea and a banana in Starbucks, followed by a wander around Solutions where we both bought some 'solutions'. Next we went to Costco and did our shopping and I sampled some guacamole, yoghurt, salsa and cheese string (which had less cheese in than Smalls socks).

I came home and put the shopping away, had lunch and Facetimed Moo. She said it was Autumnal there too, though it was a nicer day here with sunshine and I even managed to put some washing on the line.

This afternoon I went to another supermarket to finish off my shopping but was very disappointed to find most of the shelves empty (or at least of the things I specifically wanted anyway).

Small started back on his Tuba today and despite his thumb not working well, he did well. I asked if he has to share the instrument with anyone else and he said "I told my music teacher if he lets anyone else play it, I won't be in band". Naughty.

There are Cricket Tryouts for Grades 5-8, so Small will be trying but Smallest can't as he isn't old enough. Smallest says it was funny watching people playing cricket today. They seem to be getting it confused with baseball. The way he describes it, sounds like the game we played as little kids, constant running in between the wickets.

Whilst trying to get a wasp out of the house (that flew in a couple of weeks ago and disappeared up one of the lights in the kitchen) I tripped up the step in between the basement stairs and the kitchen and landed very awkwardly on my knee, arm, hip and hand. It all hurts and there are some bruises and scrapes. OUCH! I felt like I went down in slow motion but the rest of the family said I went down with a quick thud. They were very good. Smallest brought me a cushion for my head and an ice pack for my knee and all three hauled me up onto a chair. Silly Mummy! Bloomin' wasp escaped through the back door as I gave instructions to Small whilst laid on the floor. No emergency department for me.


Monday, 26 September 2016

One in one out!

The kids went to school, both still wearing shorts though the temperature is much cooler and is feeling very Autumnal now.

Huffle decided it was now Winter and started moving things out of the garden, like the hose etc. Silly Huffle. I started moving Small's room to accommodate Grandma and Grandad. I stripped all beds and removed all thin quilts and replaced with thicker ones as it is certainly cooler at night now too. I made Small's bed in the loft but I didn't think he would want to move up there straight away, I was just hoping I wouldn't have to change the beds again before Friday.

I did loads of washing, shame I can't put it on the line now. Shame, too, that the new dryer hasn't arrived yet. There was a lot of sorting, folding, drying, sweeping, swiffing and mopping of floors and Huffle cleaned the main bathroom beautifully. This also meant he cleaned out the cupboards and cleared away a lot of stuff we don't really use.

Small's birthday present arrived today (I can't say just in case he is reading this) and Huffle played with it to make sure it worked and then hid it until Saturday when he officially becomes a teenager EEEEEK!

I had a very quick lunch and then drove to the forest to meet NoCustard (who I haven't seen since before Summer). It was raining quite hard and some of the trails had been closed due to 'logging'. We started on one trail and then found it was closed half way round so joined a different trail we weren't sure of. We then took a detour and ended up doing a bit of a circle and bumped into the people who were blocking the trails. They showed us a map of how to get out but we ignored them and did our own thing which meant we had to climb around the fence they put up (otherwise we would have been walking all day!). We were absolutely drenched but it was good to be back in the forest and nice to see and chat with NoCustard.

I had a warming shower when I got back, finished some washing, made a couple for beds and then the kids were home. Smallest got on the football team and is very happy and Small hit his thumb on an American football and thought he had broken it. He wasn't very happy.

I messaged MrsPiano who came later to accommodate Small not having his lesson (I think she goes to several others after ours) and then took Small to the Emergency Hospital. There wasn't anyone else in there (we thought) when we got there but we had to wait for about fifteen minutes to see the Triage Nurse. We got sent to x-ray and went straight in where Small had a very quick x-ray. Then the waiting began. We were put in a room with three/four other people and two others soon followed us, then two more. I put an hour's parking on the car and then another hour and then another hour until we were at our limit (if you pay up to three hours, the rest is free). We finally got called in just before 8pm, saw a doctor who told us that it didn't look broken but was probably very badly sprained. She asked to see his other thumb until we told her that had been broken too previously so was not the best indication. There is no treatment other than pain killers, occasional ice and no sport that uses the hand (I never told her that Basketball started on Wednesday). The radiographer has to still look at the x-rays and will call me if there is any other news.

We came home. Huffle and Smallest had gone out for dinner and we were supposed to join them but they were home before we left the hospital so Huffle brought Small a burger back and I had beans on toast which was waiting for me with a hot cup of tea. The hospital was freezing and our feet and legs were reallly cold so we snuggled up under the blanket at home.

I am very pleased his thumb is NOT broken but I wish they could tell you soon rather than have you wait for so long.






Sunday, 25 September 2016

Brighter than that torch!

Small has now got a cough but he says his throat is feeling better, though it doesn't sound better. Mine is now really sore and Smallest has the sniffles. Huffle is just tired.

We had a really lazy morning and sat in front of Eddie The Eagle and had our breakfast. This is the second time Smallest and I have seen it but it's still a nice film to watch.

Midday we all went out to the Mall to pick up my engagement ring. It is very shiny, with a beautiful new shank and a well held in diamond that sparkles beautifully. Unfortunately they couldn't keep the stamps and said they were too worn to even see what they were. Never mind I can't imagine I will ever sell it and I asked Small not to bother when I'm gone. My jewellery is now all back and clean HURRAH.

We picked up a new swingball replacement as we broke it last week, Huffle bought me a BlueJays hat for Christmas (put away) and I bought myself a new pair of jeans in the sale. The boys played in BestBuy on the Wii while Huffle took something back and then we all came home and made a start on dinner.

After dinner, the boys played on the Wii while Huffle and I sat on the porch. The temperature is just nice at the moment. We Skyped Grandma and Grandad and relaxed until it was time to take Smallest for his Rep Football Tryout. All of the team were there except for one who has decided to leave (the only one who also lives in The Hamlet and was in Smallest's class until he left for another school). There were five new boys and of them Huffle and I picked out one definite and one maybe. There is another tryout next Sunday and everyone is expected to be there. The good news is that the games were supposed to be miles away near Toronto but Coach said he wanted the team to stay local and so all of the games will be played in the team's home venue. Smallest didn't think any of the new boys were very good (harsh). At the end of the tryouts, Coach gave the existing team medals though they were for participating in last seasons games and he felt they should have been earned.

We left Small at home resting. He sounds awful but says he feels so much better. This evening we all watched XFactor. We have never seen the 'six chairs' before. It was interesting.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

The World (or some of it) Cup

The Leicester City game was already in the 50th minute before I realised it was on. Already four goals had been scored against them too. Huffle put it on the TV but they lost! BOOO. We had breakfast and then the Stoke game was put on the TV and I disappeared to the bedroom to watch one of my programmes and knit. Stoke drew today.

12:30 we left the house and made our way to Toronto. The traffic was horrendous. There was a baseball game on at 4pm and the Hockey World Cup was on on the evening. Now I say World Cup but that actually means America, Canada, North America, which we think is the under 23's of America, Canada and Mexico "honestly we don't think they are trying to fill the teams up because they haven't got enough for a World Cup" and a European Team. Russia are also in it - hang on, aren't they Europe? Or perhaps they have enough players to make up a whole team, beyond that we are clueless and couldn't care less.

Anyway, we went for lunch at G for Gelato where we all shared pizza and then had a gelato whilst wandering around the grounds of the Cathedral.

The sun was very bright and the sky was a gorgeous deep blue but in the shade it was quite cool. In the full sun however, it was hot. Today the Blue Jays were playing the New York Yankees and the Blue Jays won 3-0. It was quite a good game despite the lack of runs but we had a bunch of drunk idiots in front of us who drank and drank and drank. Huffle and I can't understand why these people go to a game, sit and chat ALL game without really watching and get drunk at $11 per beer. Would it not be cheaper to watch the game in a sports Bar? Small and I had two girls with ponytails in front of us and they kept swishing their hair on our legs. Small got very grumpy with them. One of their boyfriends (who Huffle said had a mullet under his hat, put his hair in a ponytail too and Smallest called him Pony). The whole row got up and down many many many times during the game.

On the way out of the city, we spotted a man dressed as a farmer carrying an inflatable sheep under his arm!!!!

We left the game and wandered slowly towards the car. No-one had any inclination to do anything else. I think we were all tired.

I had a call today to say my engagement ring was ready for collection HURRAH.


Small wasn't feeling too well today with a very sore throat, we fed him Vitamin C sweets, ice cream and lots of water. When we got home I made him and me a hot lemon, ginger and honey drink to help soothe and heal.



Friday, 23 September 2016

Half the sparkles are back

It was Small's turn to lie in today. I popped my head round his door and he woke up and grumpily got out of bed. He is so like me - not good first thing. He said he was grumpy that he wouldn't get much time on his tablet but he soon got a move on and was playing on it before school.

I was out at 9am in order to get to work at the garden centre. MrsM is in Ireland on a garden tour so I went in today to help Pat. I wore my normal shorts and sleeveless top but the weather was very cool and even working in the greenhouse it wasn't very warm. Later on I put my cardi on! Autumn is here. We did lots of cuttings of Abutilon aand tradescantia. We had a lovely brownie for coffee break that Jan had left on Wednesday for us. We spent the morning swapping information on which British things to watch.

I had a quick lunch with Huffle before driving off to The Perry to fetch my Eternity Ring and meet up with Suffolk for a cup of tea and a meander round some lovely shops. Now normally Suffolk and I are not good at making decisions, so I text her while I was having my lunch, fully anticipating it would take us both at least ten minutes to decide when and where we were meeting but today she quickly decided to go and was there before I even left the house. I picked up my beautifully clean, shiny and fully diamond filled ring. It is very sparkly. Now I just have to get my engagement ring back and I will have a full compliment again. I picked up a couple of Christmas presents, we tried gluten free vegan cookies and had a calming cup of tea.

Back home I greeted the boys off the bus, helped Smallest with his Maths homework (yes me, I even managed to sort out a maths problem and got Small to confirm it was correct). Smallest will find out on Monday is he is in the school football team.

We had dinner whilst watching TheAvengers Civil War. I read a bit more of Roald Dahl's The Boy to Smallest at bedtime and Small, Huffle and I watched GBBOEXtraSlice.

Small has a very gravelly voice and he thinks he is losing it but I'm wondering if it is starting to break!! Hopefully he isn't coming down with the cough/cold thing that's hanging around.